Dear Fellow Collectors


It's finally here...Introducing a remarkable digital numismatic reference for Conder Token collectors that has twice the utility of a hardcopy of D&H and is available at a fraction of the cost. We have successfully taken the “Bible” of 18th Century British Tokens, Dalton and Hamer’s Provincial Token-Coinage of the 18th Century, ripped it apart and meticulously pieced it back together into a restructured, fully integrated digital book . . . adding oodles of info and a multitude of navigational features along the way to create the infinitely more user-friendly Conder token reference, The Ultimate Guide To Conder Tokens: The Provincial Token-Coinage of the 18th Century Digital Quick Reference.

What’s in it for the Novice? Everything! It’s more than an extremely cost-effective alternative to buying a hard copy of D&H. It provides all of the essential content of D&H and the need-to-know facts about the original reference. Incorporates a discussion on rarity, token composition analysis, collecting tips, value study, and an excellent article on the history of the series courtesy of Professor George Selgin.

What’s in it for the Connoisseur? A lot! Everything has been completely integrated and reformatted. Unique search-ability and tons of intra-document links make sifting through the hundreds of pages in D&H nearly effortless. Details below, Read on

A labor of love culminating in an amazingly efficient
& comprehensive resource

  1. Streamlined Content and Vastly Improved Organization: Complete integration of all rarity ratings and extra   information, including the accurate info from the addenda and corrigenda…remedying the disjointed nature of the original reference.
  2. Instant Token Search: Special modifications we’ve made to the file allow you to locate any specific token, every time, INSTANTLY, using the simple search feature. Absolutely no page scrolling needed!!!
  3. Graphically Organized Click Index: Click and go to any county/denomination INSTANTLY. It makes navigating D&H nearly effortless. Plus, it gives you an excellent overall picture of the entire, massive, Conder Token series. Tons of other intra-document links throughout greatly enhance the user experience.
  4. Fully Illustrated with Thousands of Colourised Images: Mules are no longer just cross-referenced, we have provided direct illustration for the vast majority of these pieces too – This is a nice change for those well acquainted with D&H, and it is a huge time saver for the novice.
  5. Fully Printable: print any pages including and take them with you in your travels.
  6. Zoom-able: Zoom in for larger images or text or zoom out for super fast scrolling.
  7. Expertly Optimized File Size for the right balance between responsiveness and image resolution.
  8. No Waiting for Snailmail.  

What You Get...


The Ultimate Guide To Conder Tokens: The Provincial Token-Coinage of the 18th Century Digital Quick Reference (710 pages) Standard resolution (Zoom up to 200%.)  All you need is Adobe’s free PDF Acrobat Reader. 


When you place your order you also get an additional Ultra High Resolution copy of the Digital Quick Reference. Due to the massive number of images, this HI-RES copy of the book is split into 5 sections, much like you might expect to see a large collection auctioned. The advantage, ZOOM UP TO 400% to examine smaller details and diagnostics!  (And YES, these files have the same great navigational features as the standard version too!)

File 1 – Bedfordshire through Lincolnshire
File 2 – Middlesex
File 3 – Monmouthshire through Yorkshire
File 4 – Anglesey
File 5 – Scotland through Ireland


What happens when I place my order? How is the book delivered?

If you've ever joined an online forum, the process is essentially the same.  On the checkout page there is a space for your email address in addition to your payment details.  Upon sending your payment, our website automatically generates a username and password for you.  These credentials are emailed to you (if they don't arrive please email me using the contact form)   Login to MY ACCOUNT using the username and password sent to you.  The MY ACCOUNT link is found at the top right corner of the ConderTokenBook homepage.  Once logged in, the files will be there for you to download.  

GET IT NOW for $75

  1. If your collecting or dealing is facilitated by the internet in any way you don't want to miss this have a comprehensive, searchable, digital resource always just one click away on your computer. 
  2. This price is LOW considering the amount of work and time that went into this project and the ease of use compared to a hardcopy, it should be priced higher than a hardcopy of D&H.
  3. Look over to the right side of this page and see what collectors and dealers around the world are saying about the Ulitmate Guide!

You Get All This…

  1. An unparalleled, comprehensive, easy-to-use and instantly downloadable token resource.
  2. An additional Hi-Res copy of the book with excellent zoom capabilities

PLUS a 100% Money Back Guarantee!
All For Only $75

No Risk and No hassles. This is, hands down, the most functional and practical Conder resource available and to prove its value I'm making it 100% risk-free for you. The Digital Quick Reference has taken an immense amount of work to produce; it has received a warm welcome by collectors and dealers throughout the Conder and wider numismatic communities; and it truly is every bit as useful as I hope we've been able to convey.  I am so confident in this ebook that I am willing to stick my neck out for you and place any risk back on myself.  If the Digital Quick Reference is not as good as described then I will refund your purchase without a hassle. Just contact me within 60 days of your purchase and the refund will be issued. How's that for deal?   Yep, zero risk for you; it's as good as it gets!!!


Hi Mike,
Your Conder books is AWESOME.  It has completely replaced my printed Dalton & Hamer.  I tend to be online-oriented anyway, but I find it's much easier to look up tokens in the PDF than in the paper book.  Your consistent indexing makes token lookup a snap, so I can process through auctions and dealer price lists much faster than with the printed D&H.  Plus it's a lot easier to identify unattributed tokens since I can search for phrases in the PDF.
By way of background, I'm an advanced Hard Times Token collector but still a novice Conder token collector, having been collecting Conders for just 2 1/2 years now. 

—  Alan
Hi Michael,
  Just a note to let you know that your conder token electronic reference has been wonderful. I do not believe that I came across any questions that your book failed to answer. I find it very easy to use and very, very helpful. I have completed my set of Wilkinson tokens and related issues and I have needed no other reference source. Thanks for a great, easy to use and informative guide!
All the best,

—  Ed Moore in Texas
As a numismatic researcher, writer, and dealer, I have found that the digital Conder token reference is by far the easiest way to distinguish the many minute differences that make one token common and its brother rare. I keep it stored on my portable USB disk as a ready reference. It's far more convenient that toting around Dalton & Hamer.
—  George Huber

Since I travel and do research on these tokens, not carrying around the big book is great. Also, having the rarities right at the token makes it my first choice when looking up something.

—  Jon Lusk (Author of the upcoming book British and Irish Tradesmen and their tokens of 1787 to 1804)


I Love it and I use it often and recommend it to others as well when opportunity arises.

—  Mark J

From the standpoint of Conder tokens, I'd describe myself as a "type" collector with an emphasis on pennies and private tokens. I value your electronic D&H (which I keep on my computer's desktop) for several reasons.

The first is the ability to find any county, denomination, etc. easily through the index. The binding on my hardcopy has long since come loose from flipping through the text. It's also nice not to have to lug D&H around when I travel or haul it out just for a quick lookup!

Second is the search function which I can apply to all or a portion of the text to locate any inscriptions, rarity levels or other references. Again, saves a lot of flipping.

Finally, I like the imbedded rarity ratings so I don't have to search the footnotes. 

Nice work!

—  Bob
So far, I really am pleased with the digital version of the Conder book.  The two features that we use the most are the "click index" and the search function.  These two functions really come in handy when we are veiwing tokens online at various foreign auction houses. (I actually have found a few that were misattributed in sales because I had your book handy).

Another feature we really like is that you have a rarity listed for almost every variety.  We don't have to fumble around looking for the footnotes that are in the paper copies. 

We are glad we bought the digital version.
—  Rod Widok
Hi Michael,

I have found your database invaluable. I have for some years collected watwerways tokens, starting with a list in a small booklet called "canal coins" by Stanley Holland. As I got more and more interested I became aware of more and more tokens not listed, mainly by going through D&H page by page. I now have about 6 major tokens and a large number of variations still to collect, but they are few and far between. I have worked in the British Health Service for more than 40 years so I decided I would start c ollecting tokens depicting hospitals etc. Having an electronic database has made it much easier, just enter "hospital" or "infirmary" or "asylum" and I can assemble my wants list with ease.
Best Wishes
—  Dave Jones

Hi Michael, 

I find this online version very helpful when on the road at shows, and most often use it to look up the D&H number and rarity of a particular token. 

Charmy Harker • The Penny Lady